The Story Worth Telling

The Story Worth Telling is your story in your words or the words of a loved one.

Preserve your heritage and have it bound in book form with audio and/or video!

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A glimpse into your life, a story that lasts forever

Your Words, Not Ours

We want to help you preserve your heritage in an exciting and unique way. We don’t tell your story - we preserve your character and style forever!

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Let us help you preserve your legacy. We can assist you in developing a personal or family history that includes snap shots in time of various family members or friends discussing events, their life, their military service and much more!

Reasonably priced

Fully customizable

Pictures, video and audio

Endless possibilities

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Did you ever wonder how the story of your family began?  How did your ancestors feel about the world around them when they were growing up, going to school, serving in the military, dating, getting married and having children?  Did you ever hear your grandparents, great grandparents or other family members tell stories and wished you had that written down somewhere, in their own words - not just what you remember?

That is what we do.  We want to preserve a moment in time with your loved ones as they tell their story - in their own words, not ours. Their story is unique, their inflection and word usage are unique and they have a style all their own.  We don't want to rewrite a story about your family or life events.

We believe everyone has his or her own story - The Story Worth Telling!

How did your grandparents meet?  What did your family think the day you were born?  How did your uncle feel about serving our country?

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